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24% cashback, seven days up to ₹10,247
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  • Sky247 sports exchange on cricket, soccer, tennis, e-soccer
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Free bet up to 2 500 INR
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  • Payments in cryptocurrency and Indian rupees
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+50%, +100% or +150% to the first deposit, depending on the amount
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  • Online broadcasting during live betting
  • Deposits in rupees and crypto, convenient payment methods

Free betting is more accessible than you might think. Most sportsbooks in India and globally provide such promos to attract players and improve their image.

The term includes offers with free stakes proposed “on the house,” i.e., the sportsbook gives money to make a wager. We can’t call that bet “free” 100% because some brands have requirements, including depositing after getting the gift.

But you usually don’t need a deposit before getting that promo. And often don’t need to use your funds to activate that bonus. In that sense, it’s free.

What can you do with it?

  • bet free in sports on which you didn’t stake earlier;
  • test the sportsbook, its qualities, and experience;
  • use the perks of the VIP program, etc.

Betting for free can be fun if you know the sport and the sportsbook is fair and honest.

What is a Free Bet?

So, bets free means chances to place a stake without paying for it. Here, you get no prior deduction of the stake from your balance. It looks like you don’t pay for it. Or, you don’t risk losing your finds with it; it depends on the promo rules.

Often, free bets are offered as a welcome bonus to new players.

Many free bet apps provide that promo to newly signed clients to enhance their experience with a platform.

But also, they could be:

  • a part of the VIP program;
  • a promo for specific tournaments;
  • an addition to a usual real-money bet;
  • an individual birthday gift;
  • a portion of an advent calendar, etc.

There are a lot of variations bookmakers can create for their customers.

Such bets can have restrictions, for example:

  • valid only for specific sports or leagues;
  • require the stake placement via specific devices;
  • have a wager if a client wants to withdraw the winnings.

Sometimes, the promo requires that you make the deposit earlier, and your balance already has some money on it. Other sportsbooks might not have such a rule.

Usually, a free bet can be placed as one single or multi-stake. But the amount can’t be split between several different wagers. It can only be used once and within the time frame displayed on the screen. Depending on the site’s policy, the amount could be specified in the promo description or individual mail from the support.

Different betting sites provide various terms & conditions for that promo. For example:

  • the promo might be active only several days;
  • the stake must be used only in Half Time/Full Time, Correct Score, or other markets;
  • the maximum value could be specified in the description of the bonus;
  • returns (winnings) can be added to the bonus account with or without the proposed stake;
  • cashout option might be accessible or not, etc.

Different Types of Free Bets

The free bets could be one of the following types:

  • Stake not returned (SNR), No Deposit Bonus;
  • Matched free bet;
  • Deposit bonus;
  • Enhanced odds;
  • Bet refunds;
  • Stake returned as a free bet;
  • Event bonuses;
  • Qualifying free bet;
  • Refund bonus;
  • Risk-free bet;
  • Early payout.

Stake not returned (SNR) is a popular promo type. You get the winnings without the stake, often called a No Deposit Bonus.

Bet refunds look like that: “You get your money back if….” For example, if your first stake won’t win, the specific athlete scores first, etc. Such promos can be seen in football, cricket, and other popular sports. But, you should read the T&C carefully because such bets require particular markets.

A qualifying free bet means you must make a stake to activate the promo. Often, it would be best if you wagered on specific markets in specific sports. That promo can include live betting, i.e., you make a pre-match stake, and after that, you get an in-play sum from the bookie.

Matched free bets could be seen in the welcome packages. For example, wager 100 INR and get 100 INR free bet.

The deposit bonus provides a free bet plus the main package. In that case, you might use it in any market or sport.

Enhanced odds mean that the bet provides more profitable odds than a general offer.

A refund bonus isn’t the same as bet refunds. That promo proposes something like “Get 10% of the losses in…” a sports or tournament, or for the specified period. It’s more like cashback.

A risk-free bet can be different in different sportsbooks. It could be like this: you lost on Event 1, got a promo, and now you need to wager on Event 2 to return your first bet. So if you see such a promo, you must read the rules carefully.

Stake returned as a free bet: you make a wager, and if you lose, you get the sum back in the form of the free bet.

Event bonuses are created to celebrate holidays or seasons, specific sports events, etc.

Easy payout means: “You get a payout if…” a specific event happens. For example, a football team goes 2 Up.

Betting free can be an excellent, rewarding activity. Again, we recommend reading the T&C of these promos very carefully to learn all details and don’t miss the free bet.

How to Find Your Free Bet

Yes, not every free bet will be good for you. So what do we need to consider if we want to select a free wager? The quick recipe is:

  • check the terms;
  • choose high odds.

First, you need to check the promo requirements. It would be best if you did that before selecting a stake to meet the terms of the promo. The stake might be placed in a specific sport, event, or market, with particular odds.

For example, the free bet on deposit bonus might have such requirements:

  • the players need to make the first deposit of 300 INR;
  • the transaction must be made to the Sports account;
  • the validity period is 3 days;
  • the bonus is only accessible for single stakes, and it can’t be split;
  • the funds can only be used for sports bets in the “Live” and “Pre-match” sections.

Here’s another example with a qualifying free bet:

  • a customer needs to make a stake minimum of 500 INR;
  • the free bets can be made on eligible matches, published several days before the match start date, in the promo section;
  • stakes need to be settled within 24 hours after the event starts;
  • a customer will get 100 INR free bet for each goal made in the event;
  • in total, each customer can get up to 800 INR;
  • only Full-Time results are calculated for the promo;
  • the funds can only be used for sports bets in the “Live” and “Pre-match” sections.
Also, select high odds when you pick stakes for a free bonus on betting sites.

Here are several reasons why you should do so:

  1. You don’t lose your own money.
  2. The free bet from the sportsbook doesn’t go to your balance (in most cases). You get only winnings if you win.
  3. The higher the odds, the bigger the potential payout.

How Do Free Bets Work?

On betting sites, free stakes serve a particular task. They attract clients and money from them. That’s why they often have straightforward rules.

In a nutshell, you get an amount of money you can bet.

Sometimes, you bet after depositing. If it’s an individual or VIP perk, you might not deposit and get the cash without additional terms. That’s how it works in most cases.

Also, how free bets on sites work depends on the type of promo.

Stake not returned (SNR), No Deposit Bonus – you make no deposit, sign up. After signing up, you might see a push notification about it in your profile. Or, you might write to the support to claim it. After claiming, you wager as described in the promo rules.

Matched free bet and Deposit bonus usually require an initial deposit. Then it works in such a way: you transact money, enter a code, or look for a notification. Claim it and play.

Enhanced odds could be a limited-season offer, a birthday gift, or another perk. Then you select a stake, see if it has improved odds, and place it.

Bet refunds: first, you claim it on the promo page or on your dashboard. Then you wager as usual and monitor if your bet’s alright. You get the total or partial refund following the promo’s terms if it’s lost.

In general, these algorithms are present in most free betting apps. Though, each promo is unique. You learn how it works from the description and rules on the promo page.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Free Bets?

When you see a promo on a free betting site, you should look for specific criteria to make it as safe as possible.

First, you should read the rules carefully. The bonus terms specify which stakes you can make, on what events, et cetera. If you know the rules, then you minimize the risk of conflicts.

Second, check up on which payment methods are accessible to you. The sportsbook might provide a long list of payment providers. But, not all of them could be useful for you. Also, they might have specific limitations. For example, payment providers might require minimum and maximum transaction limits.

Sometimes, the payment providers might install restrictions for countries or users. For example, some sportsbooks indicate they can’t accept Visa in India because that’s the license requirement.

The most popular methods are e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Most are safe and secure and provide fast transactions for Indian users.

Next, you should check how the verification process goes on the free bet site. The sportsbooks need to make verification to keep clients safe and prevent underage gaming, money laundering, and other criminal activities.

The verification usually includes downloading ID or passport scans in the user’s profile. We recommend reading the Terms & Conditions to learn how the selected sportsbook organizes the verification process.

The ID verification process shouldn’t last more than several days.

Lastly, read the promo carefully to learn everything about the free bet. It would be best if you searched for such data on free betting sites:

  • a minimum deposit;
  • a wager – what’s the total sum of bets you need to make;
  • a period while the offer is valid;
  • which stakes should you make to meet the requirements;
  • what will happen with your funds while the bonus is active (are they locked or not)?

After learning all that, you can claim your free bet and enjoy the game!

List of Indian Bookies Offering Free Bets

Here we provide a list of freebet sites where you get reasonable offers with decent conditions. Each site is licensed and provides a lot of quality services.

We tested sites and free bets apps to find the best for you. We hope the article was helpful; great winnings and luck to you!